Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Art Installed–by Matt Schwenk


Matt works with resin, stone, oil, canvas, and board, to create layered color plays. Ranging in scale from large diptychs to small scale curios, Matt’s paintings are worked like a landscape. Representing  intimate and personal experiences, different elements, and the beauty of feeling, Matt tells stories without saying a word.

“Every day that I live, I learn something new. I continue to have many different experiences that constantly evolve the way that I think and feel. My work will continue to evolve with me, and each piece that I create serves as a diary entry, into an ever expanding book.”

The integrity of his work has garnered the attention from some of Seattle’s most talented designers, shown at Trammell-Gagne. In addition to his art, Matt crafted the DIFFA GLAM auction showpiece for Tiffany & Company.

Matt hales from Spokane and resides in Seattle.


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