Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year and Welcome!

Happy New Year and welcome to our blog Luxury In Seattle Today... aka | l i s t |.

We'll be reporting on the luxurious design world in the fabulous city of Seattle.  There is oh so much inspiration in this city from landscape, art, music, food and people.  Locals, transplants and visitors all contribute to the soul of Seattle's style.  With a focus on luxury and design, we'll explore and share what this vast metropolis has to offer.

First we would like to introduce ourselves... We are a team that has a passion for design and immerse ourselves in it everyday.  We form the team that drives Trammell-Gagne at the Seattle Design Center. Below we will give a peek into our personal style by presenting our current favorite pieces that are available through the showroom.  Enjoy!

Tom Hunter
I’m from a tiny little fishing, timber and farming community on the North Oregon coast, Bay City and I worked at Nike for 8 years prior to getting into the showroom industry.

Tom's picks
(from top left clockwise: John Mahoney's Mizu in meadow, Palm Leaf Fossil, Gary Hutton's Howard Sofa, Lamps by Hilliard Umbrella Lamp, Gretchen Bellinger's Pasha )

Susan Friedman
Born a California girl but not at heart I am a TRUE Seattleite through and through and have been for 33 years. Five years ago I received this wonderful opportunity to  continue my journey in this industry here at Trammell-Gagne and I love it…I am inspired everyday by all the beautiful people and things around me.  Those who know me know I am a passionate person who loves people, animals and life and right now I am on the most incredibly fantastic journey in my life and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Susan's picks
(from top left clockwise: Origami by Nuno, Sun Furniture Enigma Mirror, Antoine Proulx DR-33 Buffett, Hugues Chevalier Ying Armchair, Gulassa Japanese Stool, Jakob Schlaepfer Amurpailles )

Joseph Virjan
I am a Texas native that for the second time is calling Seattle home.  I'm glad to be back at Trammell-Gagne enjoying the design industry once again.  

Joseph's picks
(from top left clockwise: Gulassa 1011 Cast Glass Coffee Table, A Rudin 688 Chair, Antoine Proulx DT-43 Dining Table, Wendell Castle Huevos Tables )

Lauren Love
I moved to Seattle 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA.  I met our owner, Tom, in Switzerland on a Creation Baumann sales trip and less than a year later, I packed up and headed West.  I absolutely LOVE design and feel grateful to be able to surround myself with it everday.

Lauren's picks
(from top left clockwise: A Rudin 2629 Sofa, Ochre Scorpion Lamp, 
Tad Crawford Skipping Stones, Michael Berman Summit Lounge Chair/Ottoman)

We hope you will follow us or check in from time to time to see what's happening at | l i s t |.