Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEW! Crystal Edition from Hellman-Chang

 See Hellman-Chang HERE!

As much sculptural art as it is functional furniture, Hellman-Chang's distinctive Omni Side Table gets spectacularly lined with thousands of precious, loose Swarovski crystals. 

An eye-catching piece meant to inspire a sense of wonder and exploration within its exotic rock-like interior and sleek outside surfaces.

Add a touch of glamour - the iconic Z side Table has been retrofitted with finely cut Crystal Mesh underneath a clear sheet of Starfire glass. Its unique lines and surfaces are accentuated in the Powder White or Jet Black finish, and the delicate Swarovski crystals are elegantly displayed within the frame top.

Also available as powder coated white!

Expect the Unexpected - Kyle Bunting Furniture & Art

Gump’s Introduces Limited Edition Kyle Bunting Furniture and Art

Kyle Bunting, known for his intricately patterned, subtly colored hide rug and wallcovering designs, has created a limited edition collection of furniture and art pieces that debut on May 20 at Gump’s in San Francisco.

The collection, designed by Mr. Bunting and his team of contributing designers, consists of screens, ottomans, and several tables - all available in an unlimited range of pattern and color variations. For example, Mr. Bunting illustrates the possibilities of the collection by featuring one ottoman design in 18 custom colors. Also debuting will be a grouping of six, highly detailed 4’x5’ hanging art pieces.

Mr. Bunting has called on a group of notables in the design field to contribute their talents in creating 10 one-of-a-kind wood-framed lacquered chairs, all with custom designed hide upholstery, available for sale with a portion of the proceeds being contributed to the Gump’s Scholarship Fund at CCA, benefitting art school scholarships. Those involved include interior designers Jan Showers, Kara Mann, Fern Santini, Kris Lajeski and the design team of Neri and Hu. Also contributing is the legendary Holly Hunt and showroom impresarios Art Ellsworth and Marvin Wilkinson of John Brooks, as well as San Francisco’s own Geoffrey De Sousa and Erik Hughes.

Mr. Bunting, whose Austin, Texas-based firm – www.kylebunting.com – advanced the art of hide rugs, wallcoverings, and upholstery to its present couture level, has worked with a variety of leading designers to produce his collections including David Rockwell, Jiun Ho, Munge Leung, DB Kim, Neri and Hu and a host of others. This is in addition to ongoing designs created by Mr. Bunting himself his team of in-house designers.
“We are always looking forward,” says Mr. Bunting, “and with this new collection for Gumps we are exploring a new realm of what’s possible with hide – moving from floors, walls, and upholstery to furniture and art…with many design avenues still open for us to explore.”

Marta Benson, CEO, Gump’s, says, “We have long admired Kyle’s innovative and artful flooring and are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with him on this debut of original furniture and art pieces. We think his work is very fresh, contemporary and provocative!”

The Kyle Bunting furniture and art collection will be on display at Gump’s through June 20.

Monday, May 24, 2010

LIST Loves John Mahoney Signature Rugs & Wallpapers

Original pattern on pattern designs, sculptural surfaces, and surprising color palettes. Inspired by kimono stencils, power tools, the debut collection features weeping cherry blossoms, detailed chrysanthemums, tribal geometrics, and urban grids.

John also turns an artful eye to wallpaper designs with trellising modern patterns, with always sophisticated, subtle and bold color ways.

  "The new Zhora pattern is named after an android in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner from 1984."

  "My early drawings of Zhora were also inspired by a set of flatware produced by Liberty around 1903."

  "The boldness, simplicity, and naturalism of Japanese woodblock prints struck a chord in turn-of-the-century European aesthetes. They realized that nature no longer had to be tamed. Instead: it had to be unleashed. And so they gave birth to the visual vocabulary we now call Art Nouveau. I happened to be working on this design in the spring, and I think that the allium pushing up in the garden were also sprouting in my imagination."