Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEW! Sparkling Fresh Twists of McEwen Lighting

Over the last year, McEwen lighting havs added a few new custom pieces to the line. As always, McEwen has delivered their beautiful, warm and modern twist of craftsmanship with an understanding of today's aesthetics.

Here, Michael McEwen is standing inside a custom  17' diameter House Chandelier at Crush 29 in Roseville, CA. 

The below fixtures, which began life as custom pieces, are now a part of McEwen's regular offerings.

Glimmer ceiling, 1020.60

This is a 10”W x 15”H x 60”L fixture in a custom gold color, achieved using clear glass beads lined with gold glass, in the same manner as the opal white fixture.  Other custom sizes or colors can be quoted.  Cable suspension.  

B-Ring pendant, 1720

This is a pendant version of the B Ring which is also available as a surface mount fixture.  We can modify any of the standard diameter fixtures into a pendant, using either a ball chain or a cable suspension. Pendants and other customizations welcomed and now available!

House ceiling, 3020.72

This is an 18”W x 18”H x 72”L fixture, with an internal Lucite frame.  Cable suspension.  Infinitely customizable; just ask!


Robin said...

Michael McEwen and McEwen Lighting are incredible. Beautiful craftsmanship! Fantastic design.

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