Monday, May 3, 2010

NEW! Fuse Lighting

The Trammell-Gagné family is happy to introduce you to the following additions to our list of offerings! Fuse Lighting, founded in 2000 by designer Kevin Kolanowski, offers a distinctive brand of exclusively hand crafted lighting designs.
Kevin Kolanowski has attracted attention for his unique designs that incorporate semi precious gems and minerals, creating a glamorous modern approach that is uniquely Fuse Lighting.  Each piece is hand made using a variety of finishes. The most recognizable Fuse Lighting designs incorporate luxurious materials such as citrine, rock crystal, smoky topaz, mica, agate and capiz shells, all beautifully interacting with light to create jewelry for the home.
Let us show you how Fuse Lighting can suite your projects with their featured line and customizations.


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